How to stay cool when pregnant

Everyone loves a bit of sun, but when you’re heavily pregnant and it’s hot out there, there’s nothing worse! I’ve been there, it’s not good. So here are some tips you can use to try keep cool during these hot times.

1. Clothing

Wear only light, airy, cotton clothing.

2. Create a shaded, breezy room

Through the day open the window and close the blinds / curtains. Make the room shaded and breezy from the moment you get up.

3. Stay hydrated!

Keep sipping on water through the day and before bed, even if you do need the toilet constantly! It’s a pain but it’s important. ⠀

4. The ice & fan trick

Place a shallow tray full of ice in front of a fan to cool down a room.⠀

5. Meals

Eat small meals spread out and less meats to avoid ’meat sweats’. Reduce salt intake. Try stick to cold food and drink on very hot days.

6. Avoid too much oven usage

Avoid using the oven for long periods of time (like baking!) so it doesn’t heat up your house. ⠀

7. Lukewarm Baths/Showers

Take a lukewarm (not hot!) bath or shower. This opens your capillaries, letting out some of the heat from your bloodstream.

8. Use a cold compress

Apply cold compresses to your wrists, neck, inner elbows, groin, ankles and behind the knees. ⠀

9. Plan ahead

Plan ahead to avoid going out during the hottest times of day and doing any strenuous activities, such as walking a long distance in the sun. 

10. Listen to your body

Listen to your body, if you’re getting too hot, stop whatever you’re doing, get in the shade or in the coolest room downstairs and drink some water. ⠀

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