Some words from past clients..

Amelia and Cristovao

“I love how down to earth the teaching was, all of the information was accessible and made everything much easier for us to digest and get our heads around. It really changed our perspective and we now feel much more prepared and at ease heading towards our unique birth experience.

Kate and Slav

“The course was so helpful, I may not have used everything from it that I planned but it gave me the tools I needed to be well informed and know what path to take in any eventuality.

Katie is so lovely and caring about what she does and her clients. I would abolsolutely recommend her and her courses to anyone expecting a baby.

Louise and Emilio

A truly excellent course, Katie is serious about giving you the best chance of an informed birth. We had so much fun with everyone but always came home with plenty to think about and further I formation to devour if we wanted too. The course has flown by and I feel truly empowered and ready to give birth and meet my baby girl.”

Launa and Kaine

“We really enjoyed the course and are so so glad we took the time to attend and learn about hypnobirth, labour, becoming parents and postpartum.I think many topics were covered and we have come out the other side well informed. Thank you for also being so beyond flexible with us, both before and during the course, we really appreciate it and can’t wait to stay in touch and share our birth experience with you!

Keep doing you Katie you’re absolutely fabulous!”

Olivia and Declan

I found Katie very professional knowledgeable friendly and welcoming, I’ve left feeling much more ready and in a positive mindset towards labour and both myself and my partner felt we talked things through which we wouldn’t have normally which has also helped us feel more prepared.”

Katie and Paul

“Really engaging, fab, really good value and we really enjoyed ourselves!

Sian and Martin

“Worth every penny for the 1:1 time. Really appreciate the material that came with the course, means I can go back and revisit anything that I forget/want to know more about. I got lots of opportunity to ask about anything specific to me, and it’s great to know I can still get in touch afterward.

Didn’t expect my partner to get so much out of it! I knew it would be beneficial, but I didn’t consider how much he wouldn’t have learned without this course (for example, the fact you have to birth the placenta too!)       

Thanks so much, we’ve both gotten so much from the course – can’t believe how quickly three sessions has gone!

Rachel and Alex

“Katie’s delivery was warm, relaxed and accessible. She created a super safe environment to ask questions and make suggestions within the group. I really felt held in the space and comfortable to explore emotional and potentially triggering subjects.

As a second time round mum I found the course incredibly helpful in restoring a positive mindset around pregnancy and birth, it helped me to revisit knowledge I had forgotten and reconnect with the magical abilities held in my body to help baby arrive calmly and with confidence.”

Carys and Marc

“The information shared was fantastic. It was all relevant and, therefore, the course was very engaging. Katie’s knowledge was excellent so it felt like a great environment to share knowledge.”

Gemma and Kane

“The course was really interactive and friendly. It felt easy to ask questions and be fully involved in the sessions. Katie is very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about the subject of birth. We learnt so much!

Thank you so much for all of the generous support, information and snacks! You created such a nice friendly environment to learn in.”

Tina and Matt

“The course was brilliant. We had a one on one course with Katie. Myself and my partner kept throwing curve ball questions and throwing Katie’s agenda off course but Katie went with the flow and made us feel so comfortable.

Part of us thought it might have been a waste of money as we did NCT alongside but it has been a brilliant investment and we could ask personal questions that we wouldn’t feel comfortable to ask in a wider group.

It was so lovely meeting Katie. I’ve been so anxious about child birth and I definately feel a lot calmer about the situation. Katie’s knowledge of the whole birthing process blew us away every week. She knows her stuff, is so approachable and you can tell how much she loves her job and her want to help other people!”

Stevie and Lawrie

“Thank you so much Katie, you made us both feel much more confident and positive about what is about to come. Very well thought-out and considered advice throughout the course, which made us feel re-assured and powerful as a young couple about to embrace an amazing journey together.”

Emily and Ed

“As first time parents we felt the course was more than worth the investment. Before the course we had no idea what the birth process really entailed for both having the baby and what happens at the hospital. After the course with Katie we came away feeling happy and confident that even though it will be our first time it’s no longer a mystery of what happens and what our choices are.

It made us think about our choices and what we might want as well as giving us ideas and tools for a positive birth which was really beneficial for us as it opened up conversations between me and my partner that we would have never had on our own and that is invaluable. Thank-you so much Katie :)”

Katie & Stuart

“We couldn’t have done it without you! Such amazing support for our birth and it was MAGICAL. I want to do it all over again. Thank you just isn’t enough… you are amazing Katie, we can’t wait to introduce you to our little miracle.”

Katie & Sam

“It was great how relaxed and friendly everything was, it felt like we could ask anything and everything (and we did!) Thanks for everything. It really made both of us feel much more calm and confident about birth!”

Lucy & Michael

“The course was great, and we really appreciated the flexibility of working with us remotely when we couldn’t make one of the sessions. It was so informative and gave us exactly the information we wanted and needed. Katie is so friendly and easy to chat to and answered all of our questions. We came away feeling so much more confident about our choices and plans for the birth of our baby. We absolutely loved the content of the course and Katie is such a calming and friendly person to run it. Thank you so so much!”


“Although done virtually we were kept engaged throughout and Katie’s style of teaching keeps the session lively and bith of us were thoroughly immersed in the sessions. Katie, you’re fab! Thank you so much.”


“Thank you so much for everything. Katie has honestly saved my sanity through a difficult pregnancy where a lot has been thrown at me! Carry on being your fabulous self!”

Ami & Phil

“The course was the best thing we have invested in on our journey as first time parents! The time just flew by and we couldn’t believe how fast the course went. Katie, you are amazing at what you do and it’s rare to find someone who is clearly so passionate about their role. The hours flew by and it felt like having a chat with a friend we’d known for ages!
The course is full of facts and is so positive that it is impossible to come away without feeling at ease and in control.
We just want to thank you for being such a positive part of our journey and we can not wait to put everything into practise!”

Abbie & John

“Very interactive between us and Katie. Really enjoyed the sessions. 3 hours flew by! It was fab. Really enjoyed the sessions and my partner got loads from it too and feels he knows more about his role as birth partner now. So grateful.”

Alana & Lloyd

“Overall it was a really fab course and we are both really grateful! Lloyd felt like he had as much of a place there as i did and he really enjoyed it too so it was equal amounts beneficial to both of us. I feel even more ready for birth and it has given me that extra push that i needed. It has been the most helpful and informative thing that i’ve experienced during pregnancy so far and so much more was covered than what would be from any meetings with my midwife/healthcare professionals etc.”

Laura & Lee

“I found the course very engaging. My partner especially, as he learned just how important his role as my birth partner was. And he didnt disappoint, he was just amazing. Amazing course, thank you so much from the both of us.”

Jodie & Glynn

“Katie’s course was a fab experience for both me and my partner and we are so glad we decided to do it! It has made us much less nervous about the birth of our first baby as well as left us educated on everything we are entitled to and deserve when baby time comes! Thank you so much Katie!”

Hayley & Kev

We’ve just finished our last of 4 sessions with Katie, and couldn’t speak highly enough of what she does. It’s my partners first baby, and it’s really transformed her approach and mindset going into the birth, and it’s also left me a lot more confident than I have been with the birth of my previous children. Katie delivered our classes over zoom, and went through a series of really thorough and well planned topics, and was helpful in answering any questions we had along the way.

Highly recommend for anyone during their pregnancy!”

“Katie is a fantastic teacher! We absolutely loved the course and came away feeling, excited, informed and ready for the birth. Could not recommend highly enough! 🙂 “


Having not known anything about hypnobirthing prior to the course I was recommended to look into it. Katie has been the most amazing hypnobirthing teacher throughout the course.
The course provided lots of information and advice about labour, delivery and hypnobirthing. I found the course very useful, helpful and informative and I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Thank you again 😊”


Best thing I’ve ever invested in. Couldn’t have joined a better course with a nicer person. Feel so much more confident about birthing my baby, the lead up to it and then after. I know my choices and my birth plan is going to be unreal.”

Hannah & Ben

As a nurse myself I had only ever seen births when they go wrong and I found this whole experience so positive to help me get over my own personal fears and anxieties.
Thankyou, you managed to make what could have been a traumatic experience into a good birth because I was as prepared and calm as I could have been.”

Helen & Matt

“Katie’s hypnobirthing sessions were fantastic. We are expecting our first child in the Netherlands and wanted to feel more prepared. Katie’s calm and friendly personality put us at ease. She has a wealth of knowledge and really balanced the science behind it all with practical tips. Her sessions covered the whole spectrum of birthing and we feel so much more informed. She really tailored all the content to our needs during our 1-2-1 sessions. We would highly recommend Katie to any expecting parents.”


“Katie’s hypnobirthing sessions have been an excellent mix of information and resources. Each session has ended with a relaxation which is the most relaxing end to an evening. With her guidance, I am feeling positive about giving birth and feel that, even if things don’t go according to my birth plan, I am equipped with techniques to help me adjust and reframe any situation that I may find myself in. I highly recommend the online sessions!”

Alice & Paul

“I’d absolutely recommend Katie, it’s not just meditation and hypnotherapy, it’s evidence based, mother and baby centred and great preparation for delivery and meeting your baby in a calm and positive way. Even though it concentrates on a natural delivery, it covers all other interventions.

The weekly sessions allowed some precious ‘ me time’ to really think about the pregnancy and birth, and what I wanted, planned, feared, as well as protected time to bond with the bump/baby. It was really helpful to explore these things in a safe space, and Katie was completely non judgemental and never tried to push any agenda.”

Gemma & Jonathan

“As a couple, we learnt a lot about the whole birthing process. Katie explained every aspect in a very easy to understand fashion. No question was too silly and we had many a giggle here and there too (helps produce oxytocin)!

I found the science behind the natural process, that a mother’s body is perfectly designed to do, fascinating! It all makes sense… a calm and positive environment aids the production of oxytocin, the hormone that seriously facilitates labour, bonding with the baby and milk production. Every expectant mother, father and birthing partner need to be ‘informed’, and this is a perfect example of knowledge being power!”

Matt & Harriet

“We had 4 sessions where we were guided through detailed information. Katie was great, she is very professional but is personable. We really had a good time as well as learning. I highly recommend this to new parents and people who already have kids”

Alix & Patrick

“Katie is a warm, engaging and knowledgeable teacher who expertly tailored the course to our specific needs and wants, but also helped us to consider the wide range of possible eventualities for birth and gave us the tools to embrace all situations calmly and confidently.”

Joanne & Ryan

“My husband and I did a course with Katie while I was pregnant with our first baby. Neither of us had much of an idea about what we should expect during the birthing process or the options that would be available to us.

We had heard of hypnobirthing previously but did not fully know what to expect. Katie was amazing at talking us through hypnobirthing ideas and processes and what we could expect during the birth. We both learned a lot about the stages of labour and she explaining how we could start certain practices in advance to facilitate a positive experience on the day. It allowed us to see the birth as something to look forward to rather than to be scared or wary of, as it would ultimately lead to us meeting our daughter.”

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