About Hypnobirthing

What is it?

My approach to hypnobirthing is entirely scientific, using up-to-date evidence-based research to help you feel fully informed. The course is part antenatal education and part relaxation to help you let go of negative beliefs from past negative ideologies and experiences. This includes looking at the process of birth and interventions, encouraging informed decision making, and letting go of fear.

Sessions Cover


Logic of hypnobirthing, science behind labour and why mindset, relaxation and privacy matters


Coping techniques – including breathing techniques and physiological birth preperation


Understanding interventions, informed consent, decision making and communicating with caregivers.


The birth process as a whole, the golden hour, birth plans, the role of the birth partner and the postnatal period.

The Courses

 My courses are suitable for any type of birth, from natural to cesarean and aims to empower you with the confidence and knowledge to achieve the birth you want. Whether it’s your first or subsequent birth, my aim is to educate, inspire and guide you to the best possible evidence.

This is your birth, your body, and your baby. It’s you who makes the decisions. I want them to be informed ones.

Hypnobirthing is suitable for anyone. The course provides you with the tools to feel confident in the birth process and to also feel calm when making important decisions about the care of you and your baby.  You’ll always take something useful from the course, it really is a safe investment.

Myth Busting

There are so many myths about Hypnobirthing that may have previously put you off…

Do any of these sound familiar?

’Hypnobirthing encourages no pain relief and that's what you'll want me to do’
Hypnobirthing isn’t a type of pain relief, nor does it try to persuade you not to have any pain relief. Maybe this comes from the fact that many birthers who use hypnobirthing say the pain was more tolerable because of the techniques, but it differs from person to person.
’You’ll want me to go for an all natural home birth’

I have absolutely no hidden agenda when teaching my course. It’s really important you know that I’m not there to advise or give my opinion. I’m there to help you gain confidence in your body and understand your choices; everything is your decision to make. 

‘Hypnobirthing is against all intervention and will make things awkward with my midwife’

My courses are not anti-intervention. We talk about all of your choices, from all-natural home birth to induction to cesarean. 

My aim is to empower you with the knowledge to accept or decline your midwife or doctors suggestions. 
‘Hypnobirthing is only for a natural birth’

The course talks about a natural birth, and the amazing process that your body is capable of. It can also be tailored to a caesarean birth, where we focus on releasing fears and making your experience feel a little less clinical and all about meeting your baby.

‘Going to a hypnobirthing course might be awkward and it will be weird with chanting and you’ll try to hypnotise me’

I’d say try it 😊 I’m a friendly, outgoing person who really wants to engage people in conversation and active learning. I welcome skeptics and I won’t take any offence to any questions.

I’m a scientific person with 9 years experience as a health care professional. The course is logical and factual, with a no-nonsense approach. 
‘Hypnobirthing is unrealistic and is only for people who don’t like hospitals’

My courses are a full antenatal education, for any type of birth. Hypnobirthing makes complete sense alongside the science of birth, check out one of my tasters if you want to know more. 

‘I’m so skeptical, I don’t think it will work. I’ve tried hypnosis before and I couldn’t focus, so it’s not for me’

The ‘hypno’ part of hypnobirthing is all about getting your mind on board, so you’re not tense and afraid through your labour. It’s much like doing a meditation with a focus on birth. 

Do these debunked myths help create a picture of what hypnobirthing is really about? Please feel free to contact me with any questions on hello@myinformedbirth.com

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