With every paid booking you receive:
  • Face-to-face teaching and discussion online, within the comfort of your own home.
  • Access to our inclusive Facebook group with other parents from across the country.
  • Incredibly informative recordings by experts, including: prenatal yoga, sling wearing, mindful breastfeeding, starting solids and baby massage.
  • A health care professional with over 9 years in the nhs, with the aim to help you work with your midwife / obstetrician to achieve your positive birth.
  • Complete inclusion of partners to establish their role and help them gain confidence in communication.

A Welcome Pack that includes:

    • Samples & Discounts from Local Small Businesses and some goodies for your hospital bag
    • My Informed Birth Parent Pack & extra handouts
    • My Informed Birth Positive Affirmation Cards
    • 4 x Relaxation MP3s

You also have my continued support by phone / text right up until your birth.

Private Course

£275 per couple

10 hours + extra time. The private course can be arranged to suit you, so is ideal for anyone struggling to fit a regular class in because of childcare or work commitments. This is also for those who need extra 1:1 support and more of my time. Courses online or in-person depending on government advice.

Group Course

£175 per couple

10 hours of teaching. Ideal for parents who want an online group setting on a regular evening every week, for 4 weeks.
Starting 4th March 7:30pm. Space available.
Starting 7th April 7:30pm. Space available.
Starting 12th May 7:30pm. Space Available.

Refresher Course

£105 per couple

6 hours of teaching. Ideal for those who have already taken part in an online or group course with their last pregnancy. This is 1:1 and is tailored to suit your needs. Online or in-person depending on government advice.

My Informed Birth taster session


1 hour online workshop. Learn more about how hypnobirthing can transform your idea of birth, meet me face-to-face and get a chance to ask questions. 

Next Date: Thursday 18th February 8pm

Feel inspired, empowered and excited for your birth! Limited space available, book now. 

Why choose me

  • I’ve been a nurse in neurosurgical critical care for over 9 years so my approach is entirely logical and evidence-based.
  • I’ve had my own transformative hypnobirthing experience.
  • I’m friendly and approachable and I welcome sceptics (as I was one myself).
  • I’m passionate about positive birth, whether that’s a natural home birth or cesarean section; I have no hidden agenda to push any type of birth.
  • I have a professional and nonjudgmental approach to help you feel in control.
  • I encourage inclusion of partners so they feel confident in their role, however if you would like to attend alone that’s completely fine.

Feel free to contact me to arrange a free initial chat by phone or in person!
Payment plans are available. See my T&C’s and contact me for more details.

Book a course

To book a course with me, please fill in the form below. I always aim to respond within 24 hours. 

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