Affirmation Cards

Positive Affirmation Cards for Pregnancy and Parenthood

A pack of ten high-quality positive affirmation cards for pregnancy and parenthood. Includes postage.

‘I trust myself and my decisions’

‘I ground myself by being in the present’

‘When there is chaos, I am the calm’

‘I give myself the care and attention I need’

‘My thoughts do not define me’

‘I take care of myself so I can take care of my baby’

‘I can do this one day at a time’

‘I inhale strength, I exhale doubt’

‘I am unique, valuable and worthy’

‘My parenting instinct grows and thrives’

Affirmations for encouragement, focus, growth and strength. Because pregnancy, the 4th trimester and parenthood can be hard work! 


Affirmation Cards

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