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The early weeks after having a baby can be such a vulnerable and transformative time. Not only are you processing and recovering from birth, but there are some huge changes going on – hormonally, physically and emotionally.

Imagine having extra support in those early weeks and months after birth. My role as a postnatal doula is to make you a hot cup of tea, support your feeding journey, watch or hold baby while you have a nap, do some light housework while you feed, make sure you eat and drink plenty, help you get out for a walk or to a class, do some shopping, batch cook some meals for you, signpost you to some information, and so much more.

It completely depends on what you feel comfortable with- I’ll take your lead and we can come up with a plan together.

Price: £295 for 12 hours

Why work with me? 

My background of 10 years in nursing means supporting people in a vulnerable time comes naturally to me. I wanted to support people postnatally because there are huge gaps in support in the healthcare system, and I could see this through the experiences of antenatal clients when we have kept in touch. 

I am trained by The Postnatal Doula Academy, and have continuing professional development, where I attend seminars lead by experts. 

I am level 3 paediatric first aid trained, and teach Daisy First Aid classes to parents and parents-to-be. 

What happens next?

If you’re interested in working with me, please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to sort out our first meeting.

The 12 hours can be split up into 2-3 hour visits during the daytime, once or twice weekly – whatever works for the both of us. 

What’s included


12 hours of postnatal doula support to suit our diaries


15 minute introductory meeting in a cafe or online to get to know you a little


30 minute visit to your home to get to know the environment


Includes diesel for the 10 mile radius of LS16

Book Now

I’m thrilled that you’d like to book me as your postnatal doula! Below is a form which will help me to get you booked in and a few questions to help me get to know you.

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